Organizational Membership (Contact Us)

Organizational Membership (Contact Us)
Organizational Membership (Contact Us)
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Our focus is on building the human capacity of residents so that they also increase their value and adequately match and or exceed the value of the agency's current real estate portfolio. 
We do this work through strategic programming that is appropriately matched to address barriers and overcome systemic challenges.  
  • Improve Self-Sufficiency Outcomes
  • Increase Quality of Life
  • Increase Program Engagement and Participation
  • Build Capacity and Improve Economic Inclusion

To this end, we have created a comprehensive membership that gives your agency, resident services staff, and the residents that call it home access to Training, Education, and Support for:

  • Resident Services Staff
  • Resident Council Leaders
  • Resident Owned Businesses (Entrepreneurs), and
  • Residents on the Path to achieving Self-Sufficiency 

Our 100% virtual training offerings are more than engaging, they are filled with real solutions to combat today's real challenges.  Facilitated by experts who understand both the operations of housing agencies and the mindset and distinct barriers residents face on a daily basis.  

No one else in the nation offers the plethora of resident service options coupled with real outcomes and impact.  Training is conducted in our online Communiversity.  Residents are given an access code specific to your agency and are allowed to enroll in the course that best fits their needs and interest.  

Click here to take a look at our course catalog.


Additional features our members enjoy

  • A fully customizable branded exhibit booth in our online tradeshow conference platform.  
    • Post upcoming projects that trigger section 3 
    • Highlight your resident services programs, housing applications, and section 8 opening.
  • Quarterly reports on engagement, and online educational participation.
  • Customized marketing toolkit and strategy to help increase resident engagement and participation.