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Child Support Matters (CSM) Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the program only for men?
    1. The Child Support Matters Program is for both men and women.  Both are encouraged to apply.


  1. What if I am not working, can I still apply?
    1. If you have worked at some time during the year in which you are applying, you may still be eligible to apply.  CIL will look at your overall work history to determine full eligibility.  The idea is that you are able to consistently hold down a job and or make money legally via your own business or entrepreneurial like side jobs.  Not working does not automatically disqualify you, however having a long-term challenge finding and maintaining employment will make you ineligible for the Child Support Debt Cancellation. 
    2. CIL advises you to get started with your local workforce development agency and begin working on a plan to get you the training and skills that will make you more employable.  We hope funds will be available for years to come, so all hope is not lost.  Don't give up!


  1. What if I was locked up and continued to accrue the child support?
    1. This is a huge challenge for many parents, specifically minority males.  If you were locked up and have accrued child support on no more than 2 cases, you are still eligible to apply. 


  1. How do I apply?
    1. When you log on to http://www.canilive.org/csm-application there is an apply button where you can complete your online application. 


  1. What is the process after I apply?
    1. Once CIL receives your application, it will try to connect with a local fatherhood program in your area.  We will communicate with them to assist us in facilitating the logistics, terms, and conditions required to satisfy your case as accepted. 
    2. A child support action plan is created, and the terms and conditions must be met and verified before we will submit your file for payment validation.
    3. Once you and your parent partner have fulfilled the requirements outlined by the CSM case manager, then your file will be submitted to the CSM approval committee for payment validation.
    4. After the payment validation process, CIL then checks for the availability of funding to determine the exact settlement amount offered.
    5. The settlement that is offered is then processed for payment. 
    6. Payment is processed and mailed to parent recipient
    7. This process is subject to change at the discretion of CIL.  Nothing in this process warrants a promise to pay and or settle the debt for applicants.  


  1. What if I have more than 2 active child support cases?
    1. If you have more than 2 active child support cases, you are not eligible to apply.  CIL suggest that you read the GYHOMP book and utilize the strategies to get yourself removed from all other cases, leaving may be the more difficult, higher payment cases (if only 2 exist) to apply for a later time. 


  1. What if the parent partner refuses to take me off of my present child support order?
    1. The CSM program only works if the parent partner is willing to remove you from your current child support order.  If he/she believes that they will one day receive all the back pay that is owed, then, unfortunately, there is nothing that CIL can do.
    2. CIL suggest picking up a copy of the GYHOMP book and read for strategies to deal with a parent partner that just wants to see you miserable even if it means her loosing out as well.  These are usually signs of great anger.  The book can help you cope and overcome the wrath of a scorned parent partner.


  1. What if the parent partner refuses to let me see my children?
    1. Parents have rights.  CIL suggest you research the legal rights of parents in the state by which you live.  A parent partner's refusal to allow you to see your children is not an excuse for not being actively engaged with your children. 
    2. CIL will look for attempts by which you made to see your children with evidence of taking the parent partner to court for joint custody to ensure that your rights are protected.
    3. CIL would also evaluate all the circumstances, such as the relationship you have with your other children.  We take a holistic look into the situation.  The CSM approval committee is made up of men and women who have been in the same and or similar places and situations as those who are applying. 


  1. Is there a minimum or maximum about of money that the CSM program will pay?
    1. There is no minimum or maximum to what we will pay.  All factors are weighed and evaluated on a case by case basis.  CIL will not pay the entire debt owed, more than we will negotiate a settlement of the debt and acceptance of this settlement will require the parent partner to forgive the debt in the court system where the order was placed before payment is disbursed. 


  1. Once I am removed from the child support system, what happens then? 
    1. Once you are removed from the Child Support System, the goal is to stay out of the child support system.  Reading the GYHOMP book and studying its strategies will help you stay out of court. 
    2. Parent mediation classes will help CIL identify which parents are serious about creating a bona fide partnership for the betterment of the children. 


  1. What if my children are over the age of 21, but I still have an active child support case in the court system?
    1. If you have children that are over the age of 21, then you are not eligible to apply.  CIL suggest picking up a copy of the book to work the strategies within the book to get your debt removed and or forgiven from the child support system.


If you have additional questions that does not appear in the Frequently Asked Questions above, please send your questions to admin@canilive.org.