csm eligibility


Please carefully read the criteria below and the frequently asked questions to see if applying will be worth your efforts. 

Eligibility Criteria


All CSM Program Participants Who Apply Must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Have children 21 years of age and younger (if enrolled in school) and 18 years of age or younger (if not enrolled in school) in the court system with a current child support order.
  • Be active in all of your known child (ren) lives.
  • Be employed and or recently unemployed.  No more than 6 months of unemployment.
  • Not have more than 2 active child support cases in court.
  • Have decent relationships with parent partner (and or be willing to engage in parent partner mediation).
  • Undergo a minimum of 7 parent partner support meetings (online and or in-person).
  • Must purchase a copy of the book.


All CSM Program Beneficiaries (parents receiving child support payment) Must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Be willing to settle the child support debt for what CIL is willing to negotiate and pay.  If agreed,
  • Be willing to remove the parent (applying) from the child support system with evidence of providing the courts a letter stating that the debt is forgiven, and the matter of child support is resolved.
  • Undergo a minimum of 7 parent partner support meetings (online and or in-person).
  • Attend 3 financial literacy courses with CIL CSM financial advisors/partners.
  • Create a spending plan for the payment which shows a 30% allocation towards the enrichment and development of the children.  This allocation will be held in escrow and made payable directly to the source by which you indicate on behalf of your children.
  • Establish a new agreement of support and visitation rights for both parents. 
  • Be willing to not take the parent partner to court for at least one year after payment is received and only if the parent fails to continue payments and or hold up their part of their newly enforced agreement.
  • Must purchase a copy of the companion book.

If you and your parent partner are willing to agree to these terms and conditions, then CIL encourages you to apply.  Please know that any and all information you provide will be verified. Providing false information will automatically terminate your application from the eligibility process.  CIL has the right to deny any program participant for any reason.   

This program is currently only active in the District of Columbia.

Download CIL CSM Frequently Asked Questions