Membership Benefits

  • A Strong Advocate.  CIL is the only voice that really has the needs of residents as our sole #1 priority.  We are seasoned professionals that understand policy, politics and economics.  We understand the inter-working's of government and how most times, the decisions that are made in board rooms don't always benefit every day residents who are working hard to keep their heads above water.  
  • Discounted Conference Rates. CIL hosts its Resident Council Legislative Conference annually in Washington, D.C. The conference brings together more than 200 resident leaders, advocates, and staff to discuss the latest in federal housing policy. In addition, CIL honors the pioneers in public housing / affordable housing arena.
  • Free or Discounted Publications. CIL produces the Common Sense Magazine.  This online publication is created to keep resident leaders informed and up to speed on the latest trends. Click here for Common Sense Publication 
  • Participation in CIL's advocacy and legislative priorities.

In addition to enjoying our benefits, CIL staff are available to assist our members with advocacy and research questions, grassroots organizing techniques and any overall general concerns.  Join the sovereign voice of resident leaders in the nation.  Stay active, informed and engaged.  


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