Our members enjoy access to discounted training, education, and support, troubleshooting, advocacy, and systems navigation.  Residents call and or email us when they have questions concerning their rights and respective communities. Our members consist of public housing residents, Section 8 program participants, community leaders, entrepreneurs, advocates, freedom fighters, and social injustice disrupters.

To honor the Housing Act of 1949, we have selected a simple and affordable membership structure for your convenience and support. 



Membership is simple and easy.  With one click of a button, you will move social justice, racial equality, and economic inclusion forward. 

ALL Members Receive:

  • Advocacy and a Voice in Washington, DC
  • Discounts on Online Courses, Training, and Seminars (
  • Support our Mission to Move One Million Moms OFF Welfare, and
  • Access to Techincal Assistance, Support, and Systems Navigation