Fatherhood Initiative

Our mission is to end the incarceration of poor and indigent fathers who are unable to afford court ordered child support payments. We are advocating for policy changes that will lead to fatherhood, workforce development and specialized job skills training as an alternative to incarceration.

We are also advocating for changes in policy that contribute to the inability of poor and indigent fathers to work and make a living. For example, we want to eliminate the policy of suspending the driver's license of fathers charged with nonpayment of child support. This is one of many child support laws that works contrary to the intent of the law. This law was created to punish child support offenders, but in fact, works more so to make it impossible for fathers to work and make a living so that they can provide financial support for their children. We believe it is time for these type laws to change.

Fatherhood is at an all-time low. We believe that the laws of the land should work to bolster fatherhood not work against it.

1. Sign our letter to the North Carolina General Assembly, asking them to strengthen families by educating, not incarcerating poor fathers.

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